How We Ship Your Vehicle

Step One – We’re At Your Door

When you decide to select as your vehicle shipping provider, we will go the extra mile and pick up your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle at your location! We will never ask you to transport your vehicle to a shipping depot. We take pride in this extra level of service and hope it makes your move as convenient as possible.

Step Two – Securely Load Your Vehicle

We’re the pros at keeping your vehicle in perfect condition! Your vehicle will be safely secured on one of our open trailers, or should you prefer, we can transport your vehicle in one of our enclosed trailers that will eliminate any worries regarding road debris or any inclement weather. At the time, you will sign an inspection report so you can be guaranteed your vehicle arrives in exactly the same condition!

Step Three – Loading Your Vehicle Onto The Truck

Whether you decide to ship your vehicle on one of our open carriers or enclosed, you can be assured our experienced drivers know how to handle your shipping needs. WIth over 300 car dealerships relying on us to transport their vehicles that have not even been purchased, you can have faith that we will take care of your vehicle with the utmost care.

Step Four – Arrival At Its Destination

Once your vehicle is near its destination, we will call you to let you know we’re in town. We picked your vehicle up at the address you specified and we won’t cut any corners on the delivery! We’ll go right to your destination to deliver your vehicle! You will be able to perform a final inspection and be sure it is in its same perfect condition. At this time, you will be asked to pay your final balance as well.

How it works